Testing ProForm’s Wireless Vehicle Scales

Setting up a vehicle chassis for any form of racing or even better performing street use has always been a shot in the dark until the advent of vehicle scales that read the weight at each tire. ProForm Performance Parts has take the art of chassis scaling to the next level with its wireless scale set that eliminates the messy task of positioning the scales and then connecting them all together with a dedicated wiring harness feeding into a wired hand held display unit. There's very little setup involved with these new scales. Just position the color coded scales under each tire, turn on the power and start reading the results on your wireless hand held display. the hand held displays individual weights and weight percentages in either pounds or kilograms. Switching between them requires one simple command.
We decided to test Proform's scales on a bunch of Viper Club Dodge Vipers at Dan Cragin's Specialty Performance Team shop in Alhambra, California. His facility is always overflowing with street and race Vipers and the occasional Dodge Ram SRT pickup. He offers scaling services and follow-on chassis and weight bias tuning for race Vipers and a lot of street Viper customers as well. It was uniquely interesting to see the scales reveal car to car differences depending on vehicle configuration, wheel and tire variations and driver weight bias. The scaling software also offers the ability to generate a CG (center of gravity) plot for fine tuning the suspension.
Check out these great features offered by the ProForm Wireless Vehicle Scales.  PROFORM's third generation slim wireless vehicle scales include NEW features such as full size 15" x 15" slim aluminum scale pads that are 1 5/16" thick with a drive-up angle for easy setup, live streaming data feed via a USB cable (included) to your computer or laptop with free downloadable program for viewing and file exporting, backlit LCD screen and control buttons, and a foam lined hard case with wheels for storage. Standard features include an LCD display with Cross weight, Side/Side weight, and Front/Rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. The individual scale pads have a 1,750 lb. capacity per pad for a total scale capacity of 7,000 lbs. Scales are accurate to 1/2 of 1%. Scale pads are made of die-cast aluminum, and finished in a durable black powder coat. AA batteries included.
  • 7,000LB Capacity
  • 1,750LB Per Pad Rating
  • Includes 4 Pads
  • 15"L x 15"W x 1 5/16"H
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Hard Case w/ Telescoping Handle
  • PC Program for Data Export
  • AA Batteries Included
    PART# 67644
Note the 7000 lb. capacity which means they can also weigh your pickup truck and in some cases, a loaded 20 foot car hauler to make certain you are not overloading your trailer tires.
The scale power lights are color coded red, white, blue and green to assist you in positioning them under the proper wheels. Note the convenient built-in handle on each scale to aid in handling them. While we were testing at Specialty Performance we took the opportunity to slap a Proform sticker on the windshield of every car.
Here's a display readout from a Dodge SRT10 pickup. Note the weight is heavily biased to the left front, probably due to the location of the steering gear, accessory drives and battery. The rear is almost equally balanced, good information to know if you regularly haul similar cargo that you can position evenly in the bed of the truck. Each scale and the hand held unit displays battery charge information along with an indicator that verifies the wireless connection of each scale to the master display. Note the color code indicators that remind you to position the read scale under the left front tire and the others according to their indicated color. Function keys on the right include power on/off, a tare key for zeroing the scales, a function key to toggle between display functions and a backlighting key for selecting the desired display backlighting.
These shots show the hand held wireless display nomenclatures and illustrate what each of the digital readouts means. It is very simple to operate and will quickly display the results of vehicle changes that you make to redistribute the weight.
The downloadable software allows you to generate a center of gravity plot to your computer and save the changes you make to adjust it. On the right is the handy roll-around carrying case that allows for easy transport, storage and protection of these precision scales. A 5000 lb. version of these scales is also available under PN 67650.


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Specialty Performance
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Specialty Performance owner Dan Cragin loves the convenience and accuracy of these ProForm Wireless Vehicle Scales.