C4 Corvette 2.1

Jeff Mccormick's drag race inspired Pro Street C4 Corvette is one radical piece thanks to his personal vision and many long years of dedicated hard work bringing it back from a crashed dead hulk to its present supercharged street beast configuration. Menacing from any angle. it sports that "mean business" look with all the right ingredients to to fulfill his street crusin' goals. Built from a nearly unsalvagable wrecked car, it now rolls on a home-built full-tube chassis with all the right hardware to seal its Pro Street credentials. Built, not bought, is the core influence of this stunning machine and Jeff has done almost all of the work himself over a period of fourteen years while working a full time job and raising a family. The essence of hot rodding determination is on full display here as this is the second go round on the original build which was similar with a supercharged, carbureted engine.The new version is now supercharged and fuel injected with many new features that Jeff felt were necessary to modernize the car.
This is a true home-built hot rod, redesigned and fabricated in Jeff's two-car garage, the same way most of us do it. The car required a complete rebuild and many different revisions over the years as Jeff groomed it to  suit his taste. Resurrected from the wreck you see below, Jeff describes his 18 year project in his own words, " The build started 10/2003,  first time out 6/16, and then influence of all new Pro Street guys started warping my mind."  That led to the current revised edition we are call C4 Corvette 2.1.
Jeff's initial version of the car was quite a handsome piece with its supercharged carbureted big block that fell within traditional guidelines. As seen below his meticulous work produced this stunning engine compartment that turned heads at the many shows and street events he frequented after the car was finished.
Th e ever changine influence of the Pro Street movement indeed warped his mind and he embarked on a modernization program resulting with the wild powerplant seen below.
The potent new engine combination is a .030-0ver 427 big block with an Eagle rotating assembly that includes Diamond pistons and plus.400-inch H-beam connecting rods. It sports a Steve Morris Stage 2 solid roller cam and aluminum cylinder head castings sponsored by FLOTEK. They are finished with Manley valves and Comp valvetrain components.
The killer upgrade incorporates a ProFiler tunnel ram with blower plate by Alky Digger. Its topped off by a TBS High Helix Blower with a TBS injector plate, Holley injectors and a Enderle Big and Ugly with a Joe Blo Speed Shop  airfoil. The controller is a Holley HP ECU. Custom built 2.25-inch Zoomies with stainless exhaust mufflers complete the powerplant. Cooling is handled by a custom built Fluidyne aluminum radiator with Spal fans. The fuel system uses a 12 gallon fuel cell with a Weldon 1100 pump and bypass regulator. This potent combination is backed up by a Tremec TKO 600 trans with Ram dual disc Pro Street clutch. The rearend uses Strange axles and spool with 5:38:1 gears.
the fully functional custom interior features an original Corvette dash duplicated in metal with a full complement of Autometer gauges. Custom upholstery was applied with twin Kirkey racing seats and cool checkered flag graphic on the center console.
Here's a look at the original tubbed frame Jeff fabricated from 1-5/8-inch mild steel tubing and upgraded suspension with QA1 shocks. The wheels and tires are the appropriate combinations of RC Components  Hammer 17x4.5-inch wheels up front and 16x15 Hammers on the rear. The front tires are 25x6x17 Mickey Thompson ST radials with 33x22.5x15 Hoosier Pro Street tires bringing up the rear. Wilwood brakes anchor all our corners. Paintwork is Summit Racing 2-Stage Urethane with graphics by GP Graphics. The amount of dedication and work that goes into an effort like this is staggering and certainly not unlike that taking place in literally thousands of garages and home shops across the country. You might say that they are all hot rodding patriots and Jeff is no doubt a decorated veteran of the cause.
A little crusin' action in this hot street Vette.
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