482ci Doomsday Cammer Twin Turbo Galaxie


Jim Ring marches to a different beat with strong overtones of heavy metal and forced induction muscle. The unlikely candidate of his latest metal and speed cocktail is a two door 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 that meekly coughed up its anemic 390ci powerplant in favor of a  hotter combination reinforced with big cubic inches and  twin hair dryer muscle. The '64 Galaxie orbits on the fringe of automotive performance circles, but quickly morphs to a  more formidable posture with a transplanted Ford Cammer that takes its marching orders from a pair of Precision turbochargers designed to rewrite the mainstream Pro Street playbook.

The ringer in this potent combination is a stroked, twin-turbocharged, 482ci Ford Cammer detailed in a separate story (engine build). If that doesn't spark your interest perhaps you can appreciate that this particular engine is a Kenny Duttweiler-built powerhouse designed to recycle rubber and asphalt into smoke and speed. Not exactly environmentally friendly, but that's never been an compulsory goal of performance car building. Turning the tires in anger and looking good doing it is a prerequisite to performance car glory and Ring's new creation doubles down on that with formidable top shelf credentials.
Cooking up a Pro Street monster on the AutoTwirler with a purpose built chassis, wheel tubs and floor pan at Bones Fab in Camarillo, California.
It's hard to visualize end results sometimes, but Ring and Bones knew where they were headed all along and its clear that the end justify the effort. Don't you think?
Ring's Galaxie find was straight, but well worn. It had some performance mods to the original V8 and some street performance wheels, but with the all new chassis and twin turbo powerplant, this baby was fixin' to grow  some hardcore muscle.
To the right is a mock up of the engine bay going together. It shows the final placement of the Cammer engine with its shop-built low ram intake to maintain hood clearance. You can also see the location of the aluminum radiator and the large intercooler with top mounted air box and funneled intake setup. The custom firewall also accommodates a rear motor plate. Like any top flight project of this magnitude, an extraordinary amount of fabrication and trial-fitting is required to fully define the working space and repackage it in the most functional and attractive way possible. The crew at Bones Fab are pretty adept at this and they have never been afraid to tear it back a part and revise it time and again until it feels right and looks like a natural.
 Mock up for chassis construction with wheel and suspension placement. Center photo shows the rear motor plate integrated into the custom firewall and motor mounts roughed in. At the right the steering rack and suspension are installed and the steering shaft is connected. The engine block is installed for fitment check and you can see the front roll cage tubes emerging through the firewall.
Lots of detail in these photos showing the engine compartment, turbocharger plumbing and front suspension setup with rack and pinion steering and tubular control arms.
The engine was run in on Duttweiler's dyno without the twin 76mm Precision Turbos. With the turbos added and a moderately boosted street tune, it delivers 1,050 HP. There is plenty left in the bank on this one, but how much can you really use on the street.  Tuning efforts centered on refining good street manners, crisp throttle response and drivability for cruising with occasional burst of itchy pedal foot.


The front end is based on an Art Morrison clip outfitted with JRI hydraulic coil-overs and  tubular control arms with rack and pinion steering. The engineering and detailing are superb. A combination of hard lines and XRP braided hoses and fittings keep the fluid connections tight and dry and the engine fits like a glove with the Dailey Engineering dry sump oil pan. The transmission is a built 4L80E by CRC Transmisions with a Precision Industries triple disc lockup converter mated to the engine via a Meziere flexplate.
The 9-inch Ford rearend is installed as a 3-link setup using custom-built bars and JRL hydraulic coil-overs for suspension. At the rear, 20x15, polished KWC Forged wheels sport 33x22x20 Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR radials. The front end rolls on 18x6 KWC Forged wheels with more Mickey Thompson rubber of the 26x8.5x18  variety. The frame is cross-braced and the hydraulic pump and plumbing for the suspension is installed on the inner frame rail. The dry sump oil tank is mounted behind the passenger seat and the XRP braided hoses are plumbed to it via the right frame rail.
Engine 482ci Twin Turbo Ford Cammer
TransmissionCustom CRC Transmissions 4L80E
ConverterPrecision Industries Triple-disc Lockup
Rearend9-inch Ford
Chassis Bones Fab Hybrid with Morrison Front Clip
Rear Suspension 3-link with JRI Hydraulic Coil-overs
Front SuspensionTubular Arms with JRI Hydraulic Coil-overs
SteeringRack and Pinion
Rear Wheels20 x 15 KWC Forged
Front Wheels1 6x 6 KWC Forged
Rear Tires33 x 22 x 20 Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR radials
Front Tires26 x 8.5 x 18 Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR radials 
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