383 Beyond the Crate LT1 Parts List



The following parts for the Beyond the Crate 383 project are all available through Summit Racing except where noted. These are the Summit part numbers which you can use to find them on Summit's web site.

Engine Build Parts ListHRET 383ci LT1 Corvette Stroker 
ComponentMfgr.Summit Part No.
Rotating AssemblyScat1-40805DL
Oil PumpChevroletStock
Oil Pump ShaftChevroletStock
Oil Pump PickupChevroletStock
Oil PanChevroletStock
Oil Pan BoltsChevroletStock
Windage TrayChevrolet PerformanceNAL-12554816
Cylinder HeadsFactory LT1 (ported)N/A
Rear Main SealSCE Gaskets21155
Oil Pan GasketSCE Gaskets211092
Head GasketsSCE GasketsS11064
Header GasketsSCE Gaskets4611
Guide PlatesTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-30400624-8
Valve SpringsIsky, installed 1.840", 135/310 lbs , seat/openSK-6105
1.6 RR x 3/8 Stud Roller RockersTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-31400513
Thread SealerARP100-9904
Screw in Rocker StudsARPARP-200-7202
Performer RPM Air GapEdelbrockEDL7107
Valve CoversChevroletStock
8-pak Fuel Injectors, 36-lbHolleyHLY522-360x
CamshaftChevrolet "HOT" CamNAL24502586
Hydraulic Roller Lifters (tie-bar)Johnson Lifters21212SB
Hydraulic Roller Lifters (dogbone)Johnson Lifters2110
PushrodsTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-21407200
ARP Stainless Bolt KitARPARP 534-9503
ARP Main StudsARPARP134-5502
Cylinder Head Bolt KitARPARP 134-3603
Underdrive SFI DamperTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-18012
Balancer BoltChevrolet PerformanceNAL-9440024
Plug and Small Parts KitSummit RacingSUM-G1581
Water PumpDelcoAC Delco 252-699
Crank keyChevrolet1255096
Timing coverChevrolet12552426
Optispark DistributorMSDMSD-83811
Optispark DistributorSummit RacingSUM-850060
Optispark DistributorAccelACC-59125
Optispark DistributorAC DelcoN/A
Distributor Adapter PigtailPainless PerformancePRF-60113
Front Cover, 1992-94Chevrolet12551636
Front Cover, 1994-95Chevrolet10214196
Front Cover, 1996-97Chevrolet12552427
Water Pump, 1996Chevrolet12523499
Water Pump, 1993-97Chevrolet12527741
Spark Plug WiresAccelACC-9038C
Spark Plug WiresMSDMSD-32173
Coated HeadersHookerHOK-2151-1HKR
Collector ReducersHookerHOK-11046HKR
Harmonic Damper KeysChevrolet10128303
Oil SeparatorTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-51400850
Oil Separator Install KitTrick Flow SpecialtiesTFS-51400853
StarterSummit RacingSUM-813000P
Exhaust SystemFlowmasterFLO-817670
Water BypassGMbest to find on ebay
Front WheelsHurst 17 x 9806045
Rear WheelsHurst 17 x 10.5806047
Front TiresMickey Thompson 275/40R-176275
Rear TiresMickey Thompson 315/35R-176278
Mass Air SensorGranatelli MotorsportsGRN-350111-C

Manufacturers are listed, but the bulk of these part numbers are Summit Racing numbers. Some of the parts are in-house Summit Racing parts. GM numbers may be available through Summit Racing or from your dealer.

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