2018 Dodge Challenger Demon SRT: The 840 HP Nuclear Option


It's official. Dodge has successfully out-muscled it domestic competitors with a preemptive strike designed to neutralize their performance car programs. Dodge set just two primary goals for its new supercar from hell: 9 second quarter mile times and wheels up launches. Its carefully revised 6.2L supercharged Hemi delivers 808 horsepower and 717lb-ft of torque on premium gasoline (91+) or an on-demand 840 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 770lb-ft of torque at 4,500rpm when running 100-octane unleaded racing fuel. A third and perhaps most important goal is of course about public perception and a marketing coup that catapults Dodge to the forefront of of modern muscle car awareness. The price point for this performance puts the Demon out of range for most enthusiasts, but the mission accomplished is to lure people to showrooms and insert buyers into other Dodge products that gain high performance "street cred" by association with a NHRA and Guinness certified, World's Quickest Production car capable of 9 second performance on pump gas.
The 840 HP Demon powerplant has been revised to address some of the initial problems associated with the Hellcat engine; more specifically with beefier internals that include the crankshaft, rods and pistons and tougher valve train components.
Coming or going, the new Challenger Demon SRT is so bad ass that the NHRA banned it from competition after certifying its performance. In effect, they said, "Yes, you are a nine second street muscle car. Now get out and come back with a roll cage."
The 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon SRT is as close to a funny car as a production street car is ever going to get. And yet it has great manners and a depth of performance features and extras that make it the most sophisticated production muscle car available anywhere in the entire world. It is quicker than the fabled Bugatti Veyron and is the most powerful American production car ever offered, easily slaying all challengers in 0-60, 0-100 and standing quarter mile. The 2018 Dodge Demon is unquestionably the most inspired muscle car of all time and it comes complete with its own arsenal of performance extras specifically designed for quarter mile competition. With the stock ECM running on premium gasoline (91+) and standard 315 Nittos up front,  the Challenger pulls the wheels on launch and run an NHRA certified 9.90 ET.
In accomplishing the world record wheelie for production cars, the Demon SRT generates a staggering 1.8g launch;
also a record for a production car. With the optional ECM programming and skinny front runners supplied in the Demon's drag pack tool kit the Dodge Challenger Demon SRT is the world's quickest production car, running a 9.65 at over 140 mph. Zero to sixty comes up in just 2.3 seconds. Even more amazing is the fact that running the car in its Eco mode which launches the car in second gear and limits the horsepower to 500, still hortles it across the finish line in just 11.59 seconds.
The Demon's Air-Grabber induction system incorporates the largest functional hood scoop ever offered on a production car at 45.2 square inches.  The hood is sealed to the air box, which is also supplemented from a drivers-side Air-Catcher headlamp and another inlet near the wheel liner. Together, these air flow sources  provide 1,150 cubic feet per minute to the2.7L supercharger on the  6.2L Hemi V8.
 The SRT Demon’s full performance capabilities are offered in the optional Demon Crate, a magic box of speed ingredients designed to wring every last drop of performance from the already formidable SRT package. The Direct Connection Performance package includes a special  powertrain control module calibrated for high-octane unleaded fuel.  A new switch bank for the center stack incorporate a high-octane calibration button for track use. The kit also provides lightweight front runner drag wheels and tires, jan aluminum jack for changing tires at the track, a custom high powered electric impact wrench, a torque wrench, electric air pump, and custom tool box—all manufactured for Dodge by Snap-On.
The Demon doesn’t come with a front passenger seat, a rear seat or trunk trim, buy buyers can add each of those items as an option for just one dollar.  The front passenger seat, back seat,  and the trunk trim each cost a buck. And the special Demon Crate with the race front wheels and tires, tool kit, high performance PCM and new switch panel  also costs one dollar. So this heavily optioned performance car comes with a $4.00 option list that no one will skip.
Your Demon also comes with a leather bound book which the owner receives when the order is placed. The book details all of the exclusive features and describes how the TransBrake, intercooler chiller and the after-run cooling system work.  It also offers suggestions on how to set the drive mode system for the best quarter mile times. This book come complete with a dedicated race log and a coupon which allows the Demon owner to order their Demon Crate from FCA. Crates are shipped separately to wherever the buyer requests.
The optional track kit adds one dollar to the cost of the Demon SRT. It provides everything you need to take your car to the track and bust off those nine second runs.
The Demon package is powered by the same 6.2 Hemi V8 used in the Hellcats, but numerous upgrades have been applied to extract more than the original Hellcat’s 707hp/650tq. The 2.4L IHI supercharger has been up-sized with a 2.7L IHI doomsday unit and maximum boost is now set to 14.5 psi when running on 100+ octane race gas. The rotating assembly of the Demon is fully upgraded with an even beefier crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and the valve train has also been strengthened for improved durability. To help manage all of this, the Demon engine also incorporates the new Torque Reserve system and a unique intercooler chilling system.
The air conditioning system actually provides an assist in cooling the compressed intake charge. Cold air from the air conditioning system is routed to the unit that cools the air before it enters the supercharger. The system lowers the temperature of the air used for combustion by up to 45 degrees, resulting in improved performance and consistency. The Power Chiller liquid-to-air intercooler chiller system cools the intake air and the After-Run Chiller keeps cooling the supercharger after the engine is shut off.
Dodge effectively employed the car’s air conditioning system as a charge pre-cooler. The Power Chiller diverts the air-conditioning refrigerant to a chiller unit mounted next to the low-temperature circuit coolant pump. Charge air coolant is first cooled by ambient air passing through a low-temperature radiator at the front of the vehicle, then it flows through the chiller unit, where it is further chilled before moving on to the heat exchangers in the supercharger.
Following a run down the drag strip, the Demon’s After-Run Chiller kicks in when the engine is shut down. The After-Run Chiller keeps the engine cooling fan and low-temperature circuit coolant pump running to lower the supercharger/charge air cooler temperature and minimize the heat soak. Drivers can monitor the supercharger coolant temperature on the 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen in the instrument panel which displays in real time when the supercharger is at the optimum temperature for another run.
Despite all this high performance trickery, the new Demon is fully emissions compliant in all 50 states running on pump gas or even 100 octane unleaded race gas.
When a Demon buyer places an order, that person’s name is attached to the Demon Crate which has its own VIN number that matches the car. Demon Crates cannot be ordered blank, so dealerships will be forced to provide a customer name up front when placing the order. This system is intended to circumvent high dealer markups and get these cars into the hands of enthusiast at the specified MSRP. Dodge is only planing to build 3,300 Demons, 3,000 for the US market and 300 for Canadian buyers. Based on what they know about Hellcat production and the prevailing market this seems reasonable if not generous at the lofty price point.
The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is designed to run on high-octane unleaded fuel for added performance while in Drag Mode.  The 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen delivers detailed visual information regarding every aspect of the car's performance from on board diagnostics to horsepower and torque readings, lateral g forces, climate controls, air fuel ratio, gauge readings and driving modes including drag, drag sport and drag street.